Our implementation services are designed to minimize unnecessary overhead costs while bringing the right resources to the project at the right time. Because of our lack of organizational silos, we can ensure that key resources can be accessed during the project at critical times, pushing through such often-challenging project phases such as bank certification.
Our team can provide full project management, or can work with your internal PMO or external consulting firms to execute Veras-specific tasks under a larger project management umbrella. Typically, our team will gather requirements, outline a plan, provide technical and user training, and facilitate the integration, testing, and deployment of our solutions.
he only goal of our implementation services is to ensure customer success in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

Integration and Customization

The retailers we work with are rarely able to implement a single off-the-shelf solution from a single vendor that meets their unique requirements – some level of integration and/or customization is almost always necessary in any project. Our design philosophy when building technical solutions has a singular goal in mind: Sustainability.


Our support services are experienced, responsive, and professional. All support is conducted in-region – if we are working with you on an issue, your point of contact will be close by. Our goal is to ensure that your team has the support that they need, when they need it, but also has the knowledge to become increasingly self-sufficient.

Strategic Consulting

The first step in ensuring success in implementing a new technology solution is to ensure that all parties are aligned and understand not only the objectives of the proposed project, but also how that project will serve the overall goals, culture, and vision of the retailer.