Veras Reach

Enhance customer shopping experiences with Veras Reach. A web-based suite of customer relationship management applications designed exclusively for retail, Veras Reach enables you to support and proactively manage each customer’s shopping experience, including all transactions and information exchanged, from every point of purchase.

Offering cross-channel integration, Veras Reach lets your staff rely on a single source of information to stay current with your customers as they move throughout your sales channels.

  • Provides a single point for collecting, querying, analyzing and managing customer information and transaction records
  • Supports users in creating targeted offers based on customer purchase patterns
  • Contains powerful tracking tools for measuring marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Allows for multiple loyalty programs to be created, maintained, and implemented

Reach will be launched in the near future, with additional capabilities to allow customers to connect with your brand through social media and location-awareness for a rich in-store experience.