Our Story

Veras Retail was founded as Zoftec, LLC by Rohit Vir in 2008. From his prior experience, Rohit was struck by how retail IT teams were often overwhelmed by the pace of requirements coming from their business – as well as the untapped potential for using technology in ways that retailers had not yet considered. He started Zoftec with the dream of building unique and transformative software solutions for retailers.
Zoftec grew steadily, focused initially on customizations and integrations to existing software packages, but growing to build new solutions that streamlined business processes around promotional pricing and taxation, as well as launching a new product line for optimizing direct-to-consumer order fulfillment and inventory location management.
With the acquisition of the JDA Store Systems products and simultaneous rebranding as Veras Retail, we have completed our transformation from a boutique consulting and system integration services provider to a leading provider of holistic in-store software solutions.
Our philosophy is as simple as our tagline – “it starts at the store”. We strive to use technology to create in-store interactions between customers and retailers that are engaging, fun, profitable, and repeatable. While there is no doubting the impact of omnichannel shopping on today’s consumers, we continue to feel that a consumer’s relationship with a retailer (and thus their long-term impact to the retailer’s bottom line) is primarily forged in the in-store interactions with the products, the store staff, and the store’s physical environment.

Our People

Rohit Vir

CEO & Founder

Rohit has over 20 years of experience in the software industry specializing in retail software. Prior to Zoftec, Rohit worked with companies such as JDA Software and Hologix in various roles. At JDA Software he was responsible for the construction and architecture of JDA Point of Sale software. He is very creative and loves challenges. Rohit has been involved with end-to-end retail business implementations with a strong commitment to excellence.

Bruce Herrier

Vice President

Bruce has worked in retail technology for over 15 years in a variety of roles. Building upon his experience as an assistant store manager for two different chain bookstores, Bruce joined JDA in 1998 and moved from a role as a trainer and implementer to becoming involved in the design and construction of software, guiding the functionality of JDA store systems products (Win/DSS, JDA POS, JDA CRM, JDA WFM) for over a decade. Bruce most recently was responsible for crafting product go-to-market strategy for RedPrairie’s Store Operations solutions. His primary focus has been to help retailers connect with their customers, largely through streamlining in-store processes.



At Veras, we understand that most large retailers rely on a collection of technology vendors to reach their goals. Our partners offer complementary products and services that work well with Veras products to provide a holistic solution to business problems. We work closely with our partners, with a goal of creating complete frictionless implementations for our joint customers.
If you’re interested in becoming a Veras alliance partner, please contact us at info@verasretail.com.


Veras Retail is always looking for talent to join our growing organization. Based in north-central Phoenix, AZ, we build standardized and customized software solutions for retailers on a variety of platforms, and our dynamic business needs motivated, creative, and energetic people to help us deliver innovative solutions to our customers.
We value candidates that want to learn and grow with our company. We can promise ample opportunity to learn new technologies enrich and extend your current skill set, and we value a candidate with the desire to learn and the willingness to jump into new projects with enthusiasm and a sense of ownership.
We offer a competitive salary and a flexible and fun work environment. Our veteran team comes from a variety of nationalities and backgrounds, but we cultivate a family atmosphere. We share a common desire to build software solutions that we can be proud of and that benefit our customers. Our relationships with each other and our customers stretch back over a decade in some cases, and maintaining those relationships is a large part of our success.
If you’re interested in joining the Veras family, check this page for job postings, follow us on LinkedIn, or email us at info@verasretail.com.

Current Job Openings

Check back regularly for open positions, or visit our LinkedIn page for the most current job postings.