September 15 -18, 2019

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VerasONE 2019 User Conference 

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$495 Per Person

$395 Each Additional

Special Room Rate: From $169 Per Night

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VerasONE is Veras Retail's annual user conference, bringing together the systems analysts, support managers, and operations directors that interact with and support our leading suite of store systems every day. Unlike other vendor conferences, VerasONE is focused on providing you with the information and industry connections to make your job easier.

Optimize Your System's Efficiency

Let Veras Retail experts walk you through best practices for ensuring your system is running at its best.

Make Your Promotions More Effective

Learn how to unlock the full potential of your POS and better target the right consumers with offers tailored to their shopping habits.

Maximize Your Investment

Explore the latest from Veras Retail with hands-on demonstrations, customer-led presentations and support workshops.

Learn how to use APIs to minimize complex code changes, and let Veras Retail assist you with smooth and simple integrations.

Dive Into A Broad Suite Of APIs

Get To Know Our Partners

Join a strong community of users based on trust, confidence and partnerships that promote success. 

About VerasONE

Simplify Your Upgrade

Upgrading to Veras Retail CheckOut has never been easier. Let us help you plan the upgrade path that is right for you.

The highlighted sessions below are just part of the 25+ sessions in all-hands general sessions, technical, and functional tracks planned for VerasOne 2019!

2019 Session Descriptions

Introducing the new Veras OmniClient

A decade after the debut of the iPhone, some retailers are re-evaluating their mobile strategy, while others have adopted mobile operating systems for every device in their stores. Veras Retail's answer to this evolving landscape is the Veras Extend OmniClient. Attend this session to see a demo of the new user experience in action and learn about Veras's use of the Ionic framework to enable rich cross-platform user experiences.

Adopting a Best of Breed Omnichannel Strategy

As e-commerce becomes a more and more prevalent part of a retailer's strategy, it can be tempting to think of brick-and-mortar point-of sale as "just another endpoint" in the omnichannel world. In reality, stores still account for 90% (or more) of the typical retailer's business, even if a significant portion of that business originates (or is fulfilled) outside of the store. In this session, we'll explore the factors that make using best-of-breed POS and OMS systems the right strategy for larger omnichannel retailers.

Customer Self-Service - Beyond the Beasts

In the past, self-checkout meant a beastly device that required a massive investment in money, floorspace, and oversight. The landscape has changed, and new self-service paradigms are becoming common. See how the Veras Self-Checkout module will function and understand how the Veras platform can support additional customer self-service scenarios.

The Transition to Java 11 and the Open JDK

Oracle's stewardship of the Java platform, particularly for Java on the desktop, has had dramatic fits and starts over the past several years. In this session, you'll learn about how Veras has navigated these challenges in CheckOut 11 and what the ramifications of the Open JDK and the end of Webstart mean for Veras CheckOut.

Cloud-based Point-of-Sale - Not Just for Mom & Pop Anymore

While Veras has no intention of abandoning its robust, fault-tolerant, on-premise heritage, it's clear that more and more retailers are evaluating (or demanding) cloud-based solutions, even in areas once thought to be impractical, such as POS. In this session, you'll see how Veras CheckOut can be successfully deployed in a cloud-based environment, including support for multiple stores in a single software instance.

Consumer Privacy - Face the Facts

As Thanos  said - "Dread it, run from it - destiny still arrives". He wasn't talking about consumer privacy regulations, but his warning certainly applies. The California Consumer Privacy Act takes effect January 1, and many retailers are still not ready. Learn about the regulations and how the Veras Reach privacy portal can help your organization make sense of the madness.

Right-sizing your Promotional Strategy

Retail promotional pricing can feel like a race to the bottom - constantly discounting to catch the attention of as many customers as possible with little consideration to margin or impacts on long-term consumer behavior. While few retailers can put the genie back in the bottle with an everyday low price strategy, there are ways to avoid giving away the farm and retaining margin while driving top-line revenue. In this session, you'll hear about best practices and strategies for driving customer traffic and purchases while maintaining profits and incentivizing the right consumer behaviors.

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