VerasOne User Conference 2018

September 23-26, 2018

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VerasOne is the user conference bringing together the systems analysts, support managers, and operations directors that interact with and support Veras applications every day. Unlike other vendor conferences, VerasOne is focused on providing you with the information and industry connections to make your job easier.

Optimize Your System Efficiency

Let Veras experts walk you through best practices for ensuring your system is running at its best.

Make Your Promotions More Effective

Learn how to unlock the full potential of your POS and better target the right consumers with offers tailored to their shopping habits.

Maximize Your Investment

Explore the latest from Veras Retail with hands-on demonstrations, customer-led presentations and support workshops.

Learn how to use API's to minimize complex code changes  and let Veras assist you with smooth and simple integrations.

Dive Into A Broad Suite Of API's

Get To Know Your Veras Partners

Join a strong community of users based on trust, confidence and partnerships that promote success. 

About VerasOne

Simplify Your Upgrade

Upgrading to CheckOut has never been easier. Let Veras help you plan out the upgrade path that is right for you.

Sessions continue to be added, check back for updates!

2018 Session Descriptions

Navigating Consumer Privacy Regulations

Continuing a conversation that began at our Customer Advisory Board meeting, this session will explore the requirements of both the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). We’ll discuss how these regulations will impact retail, and how Veras solutions can help retailers address those requirements, now and in the future.

From its inception, Veras CheckOut has used Java services to provide functionality in a way that was reusable across multiple user interfaces and use cases. In the past few years, Veras has worked hard to extend that capability outside of the application framework to any system or device that can communicate via JSON/GSON and RESTful web services. In this session, we’ll explore how Veras extends a standard web service as a RESTful web service and discuss best practices around security, versioning, and reusability by building a sample web application that extends Veras CheckOut through an API.

Extending Functionality through RESTful API’s

Introducing Veras Reach CRM

Veras is excited to announce the release of Veras Reach customer relationship management. In this session, you’ll get a guided tour of the targeted marketing and loyalty modules, with demonstrations of interactions with Veras Activate and Veras CheckOut. See how you can execute your current loyalty and targeted promotion strategies at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.

Harnessing the power of Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is an open-source analytics engine that allows for data from disparate sources to be stored and indexed efficiently. Learn how Veras is leveraging Elasticsearch in its products, from analytical dashboards to turbocharging search performance in Veras Reach, as well as the future possibilities within the ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) stack. Hear from a Veras customer that’s successfully implemented Elasticsearch in their environment to provide optimal customer-facing and employee-facing user experiences.

Business/Functional Sessions

Technical Sessions

What’s new in Veras CheckOut 

See demos of the exciting new capabilities added to recent versions of Veras CheckOut, including the new Central Office dashboard, serialized coupons, full-screen customer display, Avalara integration, and more!

Hands-On Workshop with Veras Activate

Get hands-on with Veras Activate to see how it can unlock the hidden capabilities of your point-of-sale. Bring examples of promotions, coupons, bouncebacks, upselling initiatives and receipt messaging from your business and see how easy it is to execute those strategies in Veras Activate!

Give your Database a Clean Bill of Health

Over time, production databases can accumulate problems that impact performance and reliability. In this session, you’ll hear about the most common issues and how to detect, correct, and prevent them, including learning of new features in CheckOut that monitor potential database replication issues.

Each session includes a takeaway that can improve your business, including trial apps, utilities, training guides, and more!

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