Veras Stock

You can bring the same ease of use and intuitive navigation that you gain with your Veras CheckOut solution to the store’s back office with Veras Stock. The application uses wizards to simplify and accelerate your store-level processes, optimize inventory management, and help satisfy consumer expectations.

Veras Stock integrates with your corporate merchandising systems to provide inventory visibility across the retail enterprise. With one version of the truth to your enterprise inventory management information, you’ll increase control over your store level inventory:

  • Confirm accurate prices at every shelf
  • Receive merchandise at any level
  • Search for shipments and items using a variety of filters
  • Transfer items to other retail locations
  • Ensure store inventory balances with corporate using inventory adjustments, cycle counts, and wall-to-wall physical inventory counts

Veras Stock delivers on all these requirements and more. And it does so fast, effectively, reliably and securely so you can optimize sell-through and margins while minimizing markdowns.