Veras Control

Veras Control is a head office application designed to manage your installation of Veras Checkout, Veras Extend, and Veras Stock.

Control provides a graphical user interface for head office personnel to monitor, configure, and deploy changes to the in-store environment in real time. With Control, you can:

  • View transactions and cross-store/cross-channel orders from across the chain
  • Detect and correct system outages and recover data
  • Define store groups and configuration templates to allow settings to be quickly published to multiple stores at once
  • Configure business process flows, parameters, and security levels
  • Administer users and passwords
  • Configure receipts, screen layouts, and on-screen labels, including foreign language translations
  • Set up new stores, including setting all store-specific parameters
  • Push new on-screen and receipt header/footer messages to the stores